A Beautiful City for Athena

Athens, a city worshipped by people and gods. The beautiful capital of Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is said to be the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of democracy. Named after the goddess of warfare and home to Plato’s Academy, this city gave rise to many wise men of ancient times.

My introduction to the magical city began at the Acropolis, where I was enchanted by the beautiful remains and the stunning Acropolis Museum. There I also learned about the city’s “catch, neuter, and release” program, which populated the streets with stray dogs. One of these free spirits, which I named Atticus because he found me and my friends at ‘the Roundabout of Atticus’ and because I’ve always wanted to have a dog by that name after reading To Kill A Mockingbird, followed me and the gang loyally from the Acropolis all the way to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, where we sadly parted ways when us humans headed for the subway.

Between visiting the Port of Piraeus and walking around Old Town Plaka, I also visited the Poet Sandal Maker who directed me to his favourite Greek restaurant nearby. After a satisfying feast there, I ended the day at the top of Lycabettus hill, overlooking the entire city. When the red and orange colours burned in the sky as the sun set over Athens, I remembered a great piece of advice I once heard: see the world as a traveller, not a tourist.


246 responses to “A Beautiful City for Athena

  1. 過去、現在、そして未来を感じさせるすばらしい写真を有りがとう。
    Thank you for a wonderful photograph where the past, present, and the future were felt.

  2. Beautiful Athena. Makes me miss it! Great photos, definitaly taken as a traveller, not a tourist. Greece has so many beautiful sights, and most of them are not in your typical tourist book. Wonderful job capturing!

  3. beautiful greece and athens!I absolutely love your pictures, funnily enough I have a similar picture like the last one. Was going to one of the islands off Athens and couldn’t help but stare in wonders at the clear blue sea 🙂

  4. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Great photos makes me wish I could travel! I want to go there so bad. Inspires me to put my dream in motion!

  5. I am, for reasons beyond my control, unable to travel and to see such wonderful photographs has helped me come to terms with some of the wonders I am missing.

    Thank you for sharing with me.


  6. Thank you.
    For me it was a return to being a visitor to the city as a Marine at 18. A return to Robert Strassler’s, The Landmark Thucydides, which made me regret that as that visitor I did not search for remnants of the long protective walls from Piraeus built around 457 B.C.. A return to the simple desires of an 18 year old.

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  9. Wow, it’s really beautiful! I love your photographs, if I ever get the chance to go to Athens, I’d sure would!

  10. That quote at the end is a bit like what G K Chesterton said: ““The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” Great mentality to keep, I think. Love the pic of the kid playing the accordian! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wouldn’t have found yours otherwise 🙂

  11. Beautiful pics! It really brings me back to when I traveled to Athens…almost 6 years ago! But your pictures make me feel like I was there just yesterday and now I have an itch to travel again!! Great post 🙂

  12. Gorgeous pics Tracy!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, else I wouldn’t have found a treasure like your’s!!
    Looking at these pics, I seriously pray hard that you get to visit India once. I’m sure you’ll do justice to the beauty that abounds here 🙂


  13. Absolutely adoring photography of Athens! Viewing your photos brings me back to this beautiful ancient city. Although i must admit it was a bit too humid for me in August 🙂

  14. Gosh, Tracy! These photos are breathtaking – as good as any I’ve seen in National Geographic. It’s also really great to see the results of your inspired travels… keep on showing us the view from your lens.

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  17. Congratulations for your beautiful pictures… They really touched me and they make me feel lucky that I live in Athens. Happy new year!

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  19. Hi, I loved your photos. I actually lived in Athens for three months from end of january til april and it was an amazing city, what district did you stay in? I lived in Pagrati, but seeing your pictures made me nostalgic for Athens as I often think of it as my second home 🙂

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