Touched Down in London Town, Part 2

I hope Part 1 of my adventures in London left you wanting more, because here comes the sequel.

This city is huge, and there’s so much to do. Even after you’ve hit all the big tourist sights (Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London), it seems there’s always more gems to be discovered.

1. Buckingham Palace is a must see for its royal significance, but changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace is a festivity in itself. (The marching band is also prone to playing Disney music to entertain the tourists while the guards change shifts prior to marching out from behind the gates, when this happens, don’t be caught off guard, just go with it!)

2. If you have time, I also recommend touring Shakespeare’s Globe and imagining just how this playhouse would’ve looked in its original state prior to the 1613 fire. (too bad theatre season doesn’t start until mid-April or I could also be watching Shakespeare @ the Globe Theatre!)

3. Cruising around London @ night is always a treat. No matter where you are in the city, the bars are always packed with well-dressed men and women, chatting the night away with a pint of London Pride.


23 responses to “Touched Down in London Town, Part 2

  1. its amazing tracy. i live in london for 3years now and havent had time to enjoy the beauty. your blog made me think of what exactly i have done in these three years and what i gained. well ive made my plans and will def walk aound for sure. thanks again

  2. Sorry to be a bit picky. BUT

    1, Why London Town? It’s a city. I’m not English – I’m Welsh, seeing as you asked – so it’s not pride… simply accuracy
    2. Why are the Guards blue? They’re normally red, I believe. . . . .

    Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

  3. Hi 😀 I have only just discovered your blog and have been looking around, and I think this is my favourite post! I live in London, and its great to hear about the experiences of a ‘visitor’ and how you see things differently to me, as I have grown up with this culture and these sights as normal. Glad you enjoyed yourself! (I apologise for the weather :P)

  4. Nice shots, I live in London myself and take photos all the time, but I still love to see other people’s perspective on this great city.
    Enjoy your stay!

    Rowland – ‘London Town’ is a common colloquialism, don’t ask me why!

  5. Shakespear’s The Globe looks good. Would you be able to take shots of London’s quirky sights? E.g. strange fashionistas, old cobblestones, wild musicians, the best view (ever) in London…

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