Touched Down in London Town

I’ve been in London for almost a month now, and I can never get sick of this city. My love for London was immediate the moment I stepped off the plane. The mild weather (for a Canadian girl), the welcoming people, and the old-English styled fashion trends made it all so easy for me to feel comfortable here. The city is a fine myriad of architecture, history, and, of course, royalty.

Here are photos from my very first weekend in the city, when it drizzled in typical London fashion. But that didn’t deter my spirit. I rode a hop-on hop-off bus around the city, hitting all the big tourist sights at least 3 times, indulged in Mamma Mia and Phantom of the Opera at night, cruised on the river, and developed an innocent crush on the policemen in their black & white uniforms.

Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral, where I was definitely not supposed to take pictures…

A wedding outside of St. Paul’s. The view from top of St. Paul’s.

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