Keep Your Resolutions To Yourself

When we set goals for ourselves, we get so excited about embarking on something new that we want to tell the world. So the first instinct is usually to call up friends and family and share our plans with them. Articulating our goals aloud feels so good that it can’t possibly be bad, right?

Derek Sivers disagrees, and he’s backed by evidence dating as far as the 1920s that shows those who talk about their goals are less likely to achieve them. Derek makes a convincing case, and I felt compelled share it with you before you spill your ambitions with your loved ones and it’s too late! (Just watch the video for yourself below.)

So this year, while other bloggers are eagerly sharing their ambitious New Years Resolutions with the blogsphere, I’m keeping my mouth shut (and fingers away from the keyboard). Hopefully it’ll help me achieve my resolutions. And maybe it’ll help you with yours too.

Happy 2011!


6 responses to “Keep Your Resolutions To Yourself

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  2. i’ve often wondered if that’s the case, i only share my serious goals with my parents & my partner
    i did this at the end of 2009 & i acheived them all in 2010

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