Eating My Way Through Belgium

On the train from Paris to Brussels, it suddenly occurred to me that I had nothing planned for my weekend in Belgium. I didn’t researched places to visit or make a list of things to do, my itinerary for the 2 days I would spend in Brussels consisted of eating  mussels, waffles, chocolates, fries, and drink Belgium beer. As for the other touristy stuff, I thought I’d just “wing it”.

And wing it I did.

Between searching for the biggest waffle in the city and eating mussels by the kilo, I asked the waiters and locals for places to visit to make the most of my time in Belgium. Not only did I manage to sightsee, I also got to eat delicious food while doing it. From now on, I vow to always travel till my stomach’s content.

Enjoy the photos =)



9 responses to “Eating My Way Through Belgium

  1. Oh my goodness, Belgium sounds like it was amazing. Following your stomach through life (or through traveling at least) – I like it! Belgian mussels and frites on the weekend, you’re leading a pretty fantabulous life.

  2. Great photos, especially the last one. Nice seeing how you’re still enjoying Belgium. Have you had moules and frites yet?

  3. When I was 20yo I travelled Europe for 6 months, and truly, it is the distinctive food of the regions that makes the memories. Lovely images.

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