How Will You Remember?

Remembrance Day is a significant day for a lot of people, and especially so for me, although most of you don’t know this, there is a strong military presence and influence in my family.

Every year, I attend a ceremony on November 11th to commemorate the sacrifices of the members of the armed foces and of civilians in times of war. This year, I  had the opportunity to attend the Remembrance ceremony at the Vimy Ridge historic battle site in France. It was emotional. It was moving. And it was definitely more than memorable.

Officers visiting the WWI trenches at Vimy Ridge

The view from the Ridge

“One day every year, we pay special homage to those who died in service to their country. We remember these brave men and women for their courage and their devotion to ideals. We wear poppies, attend ceremonies, and visit memorials. For one brief moment of our life, we remember why we must work for peace every day of the year.”

Veteran Affairs Canada

How will you remember?


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  2. Visit Soldier’s Mail and take a rollicking World War I adventure along with a young New England doughboy on the front lines from the hot sands along the Rio Grande to the cold mud along the Meuse.

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