Editorials: You’re like Breathing & City Girls

I’ve been traveling and working nonstop that I almost missed it when 2 of my editorials were published in the last month. So, in case you missed it too, here are the photographs from those two series.

You’re like Breathing, published in the October issue of Racing Minds.

I shot this editorial in Vancouver, when I finally returned home at the end of August. All I wanted was to capture the end of the summer – the warmth of the sun on the skin and the light breeze in the wind. The title was inspired by the scenic nature of the city and of the painstakingly, breathtakingly gorgeous model – Anja. She’s beautiful, like breathing.

City Girls, published in the November issue of KNEON Magazine.

The editorial idea came about through the creativity of KNEON’s editor, who wanted to portray city living in 4 different locations around the world. When she asked me to take part in this series by representing the fashion and lifestyle of Toronto, I heartily accepted. The fashionista in these photos is Betsy, who is also a social media evangelist and fashion blogger.

And to top it all off, I recently found out that one of my photos made it to the Autumn issue of Edie Magazine.

There’s nothing like opening your mail in the mornings to discover your photographs in a magazine. Thanks for everything.


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