Guest Blogger: Larissa Felsen

São Paulo, winter, August.

I’ve been living here for 7 months now, working my way into the fashion business in Brazil. Although success-driven at an early age (at 22 most of my friends are still in college or thinking what they should do with their lives) I revel on the small pleasures of life, such as feeling the cold wind biting my skin or eating sushi in open air in the middle of the Chinatown.

Since moving here, I accomplished some of the goals I set for myself, but there are many to go still. I’m working as a photography assistant at a studio and test shooting for major modeling agencies. I have lots to think about regarding money issues, but that doesn’t seem to affect my creativity as I’ve been shooting a lot more I used to. My subjects have become more mature, so has my style though I’m still trying to create my own signature.

Though constantly involved with photography, I still like to take my old film camera and go out and about shooting life. It’s a passion, a job, a hobby and a therapy to me. It’s my outlet, my way of putting out stories that are in my head.

These photos were taken on different days in August, during work and days off. The leather jacket girl you see in most of the photos is my friend and co-worker Bea Rodrigues, who also snapped the only portrait of me against a flowery background at the tube station. I hope you enjoy them.

Building I love in chinatown in São Paulo

Bea on chinatown

Bea on chinatown

City lights

City Lights







My private library

View from Home

Bea at the airport

Random artsy shot at the airport

I handcraft my own jewellery. Accidental double exposure






6 responses to “Guest Blogger: Larissa Felsen

  1. I don’t look at that many fashion photos, but a friend forwarded me your carbonmade album because he though I would like it, and I do. You have achieved a distinctive look, I think. Not the glitzy, glossy typical fashion photographs, and your work has so much more impact because of it. Keep it up, I am sure we will all be reading about you before too long.

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