This week has been nothing but a whirlwind of travel and changes. I spent part of the week in New York as part of my internship mid-point training. My friend Bobby traveled to NYC for an afternoon to meet up with me. He took me up the Rockefeller Plaza, toured the Cathedral of St. Patrick’s, and visited the Museum of Modern Art. Bobby and I are childhood friends. We used to be neighbors in Vancouver; I remember us walking home together after school. College eventually led us to move to different cities and different countries. This is the first time I’ve seen him in 12 months; it’ll beat least another 12 months until we meet again. Who knows how much we will have changed by then, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

It seems that my time in New York is never long enough. The city is a mystery to me and there’s so much more of New York that I want to see. One thing is for sure, it’s definitely a place one grows up in.

There was a storm in the city on Sunday. It rained on Bobby and me when we were at the top of the Rock. I loved it.

Next stop, San Francisco. See you there next week.


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