Photos: Shooting an ICON

I’ve met a lot of different people in the city over the last few weeks – some of them residents, some visitors, some tourists. Everyone I meet helps me see this place through different eyes. I am also slowly but surely crossing off activities from my “Experience Toronto” list. I think when I look back on this summer, I’m going to realize what an experience this has been.

In other news, this week’s photo shoot was canceled at the last minute, so I had a free Saturday to catch up on my photo-editing. Here’s a few more from last week’s agency test with NP from ICON Models.

This shot was the first take of the shoot.

4 responses to “Photos: Shooting an ICON

  1. I like your pics, I guess i've already said that. =D The high key one is my fave from these. The model also is stunning ofcourse, almost inspirational. She cannot look away from the camera with those huge eyes even when she does… I would (if i could) go for another session with her, more trying, more searching… 😉

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