Just Blog: Words & Photographs

The G20 is in town, which means traffic on the road is hell, cops are patrolling everywhere, and most stores have decided to stay closed for the week. For me, it means working from home, which also means working from bed

Check e-mail, answer messages, work on projects. The day drags on.

Unexpectedly, K texts and I have plans for the afternoon! With camera around my neck, I explore downtown Toronto in a walking tour with K.

We stop by a concert in Yonge Dundas Square and check out the street vendors selling hand-made trinkets in the area. I buy a bracelet made by indigenous people in Africa. It’s made out of an APV water pipe.

We stop for frozen yogurt, then continue strolling down Yonge street, which was formerly listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world at 1,896 km (1,178 mi). The window displays and ads keep my eyes busy.

We turn a few corners to a much quieter part of town; I prefer the peace here.

K has to go home so I wonder the streets of Toronto alone, and find myself in front of City Hall. I follow the sound of music to the Jazz Festival in Nathan Phillips Square, where I hang around listening to the sweet saxophone, and dodge vicious seagulls that were out to get me!

The sun makes me sleepy so I sit on a bench and let myself lose track of time. Eventually, the evening draws near and I make my way home.

The view from the 28th floor never gets old.


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