I Survived World Expo 2010

Having once lived in China for 11 years, I still travel there frequently. This post is from my trip to China in May 2010. View more stories from that trip and other China trips here.

After spending 3 days at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, I am finally getting around to making this update. =)

To say the Expo was crowded would be an understatement. Based on last few days’ records, there are 30+ million visitors per week. I spent all 3 days walking from pavilion to pavilion, often waiting in line for hours, which is more tiring than it sounds.

The pavilions are a lot like tourism museums. I have to admit, not all of them were very exciting; some countries only brought pictures and video clips. But some pavilions were breathtaking and eye-opening; my personal favorites include Portugal, Monaco, Iceland, and numerous small Asian countries. I visited roughly 35 pavilions in 3 days – my feet want to detach themselves from my body but my heart is very happy.

“Regular” World Expo photos didn’t interest me much, but here’s a glimpse of what I saw through my lens.

Exhaustion is setting in, so until the next post, stay classy.


11 responses to “I Survived World Expo 2010

  1. Wow – it's hard to imagine 30+ million people in one location. Very nice photography, it helps me to picture what it was like…

  2. Great snaps! I was at the Expo this past summer too – volunteered at the Peruvian Pavilion as one of their photographers. Glad you survived the crowds!

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