Parliament, This Side Of The Camera

I came across a few photos from my time in Ottawa last Thanksgiving and was reminded that I never shared these. My dear friend Moose (obviously that’s not her real time, who would name their child Moose…but then again, if Apple….) let me stay at her place and took the part of friendly Tour Guide. We spent an entire day touring Parliament Hill, eating Beaver Tails in true Canadian fashion, shopping at the local markets, and viewing exhibits at the National Art Gallery. She showed me Ottawa University and we walked around downtown. I soaked up the street musician’s rendition of Jason Mraz and the sweet smell from the corner bakery. The place bubbled with culture and I enjoyed every second of it.

constantly searching for memories in far away places.


32 responses to “Parliament, This Side Of The Camera

  1. Beautiful photos.
    Living this far up north when the temperature ends up above 0C it’s time for the spring clothes pretty much. Though there’s still tons of snow outside. Probably won’t be gone until June but the roads are clear so that’s good.

  2. Hi

    I love your photographs! I love doing photography also but would like to get more involved in what’s out there in terms of oppurtunities, rather than just seeing my photos sat on my laptop.

    How did you manage to be taking shoots for magazines? Did you enter any competitions or send your protfolio to them?

    Any advice aprecciated

    Thanks x

    • Thanks.

      When I began working with signed models, MUAs, hair stylists, and designers, my photos took the editorial route. I didn’t enter any competitions, although some ppl do get noticed that way. Most ppl submit their work to magazines. Good luck with your venture & I’d love to see how things work out for you.

  3. thanks for the comment/compliment! I was just taking a look around at your page and stumbled onto these. these are awesome pictures!

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